The tool I use for this is Holistic Psychotherapy, which invites you into a calm and centered state so you can go inside yourself, explore your own imaginal realms and keep those healing cycles going. You can also integrate your plant medicine experience by reconnecting with its imagery and by going on new journeys of self-acceptance and letting go.

I have been working with people who have taken psychedelics since 2003, and since 1996 I have been using the pragmatic, compassionate method of drug treatment known as harm reduction. I use plant medicines myself, and so I am drawn to working with people who have taken these extraordinary catalysts for healing and change. 

$30 for 30 minutes Introductory Session

Contact me with your questions and thoughts! And if you are processing a psychedelic experience or preparing for one, I offer you a $30 for 30 minutes session. If you live in the New York City area we can meet in my office on West 23rd Street, otherwise we can talk by phone or we can Skype.  

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