These pieces, written for various websites, explain more of my ideas and philosophy regarding psychedelics, spirituality and our inside lives.

Eight Things To Do After Psychedelics, Psymposia. A how-to, and what to do, after taking psychedelic plant medicine.

The Drunk at the Crossroads, Psychedelic Times. One thing psychedelic are not, is linear. And our spiritual journey is more often like being a drunk stumbling in the dark than a dignified pilgrim's progress.

Iboga and the Collective Unconscious, Reality Sandwich. They say it ain't over till it's over, but psychedelic integration can take you on trippy journeys long after "it's over."

The Case For Giving Free Massages to the Homeless, Alternet. If holistic cures are effective, why don't poor people get them too? Or is it just pills and prison for them? I wrote this with Dimitri Mugianis, based on our work at New York Harm Reduction, a needle exchange in East Harlem.