After just one session I saw that Brian was a genuine, gentle, and non-judgmental altruist who really cares about healing. What sets him apart is his unique and insightful methods – which are truly therapeutic. . I recommend Brian to anyone trying to overcome troubling thoughts and consuming addictions.
— Jordan, Long Island
Since my initiation I have been able to continue and deepen the healing process with Brian. For the first time I can honestly say, I like myself for real, and I’m not BS-ing myself.
— Sylvia, Brooklyn
Thank you for being someone who has the gift of healing with kindness and compassion, and for helping me and countless others.
— Lisa, Michigan
Brian has a gift for leading people to their own guidance and inner truth in a very specific way. He is gentle, compassionate, and has the capacity to give tough love when needed. I love the work I did with him, and it still helps me.
— Steve, Manhattan
I was addicted to heroin, coke and methadone for 17 years. After the ibogaine, Brian helped me explore who I really was off drugs, and helped me heal my inside scars. I never looked back – an amazing experience!
— Sal, London
Brian is the only therapist I know who gets ibogaine and what it does. He doesn’t see people as a set of problems, but as spiritual travelers with a reason to be here and a job to be done.
— Dimitri Mugianis, ibogaine provider
I was using massive amounts of heroin, and I was just about ready to die. Without the help of the ibogaine initiation, and then Brian to see me through the hard days, I wasn’t going to make it.
— Catherine, New York
Brian explores the black hole of feeling people are trying to fill up with their drug use. He helps heal the underlying trauma, and that enables a person to move on with their lives, addiction and craving free. This is essential to the successful completion of an ibogaine treatment. Please take advantage of his services.
— Eric Taub, ibogaine advocate